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My autocorrect changed “asshole” to “Asmodean.”

I’ve either been spending far too much time on my WoT ask blog, or my phone has a wonderful sense of humor.

Hahaha, he do be one, aye XD


What are you blabberin’ about, lad, I do be an Illianer since the day me mother popped me out o’ her canon. (What XD)


My autocorrect changed “asshole” to “Asmodean.”

I’ve either been spending far too much time on my WoT ask blog, or my phone has a wonderful sense of humor.

Hahaha, he do be one, aye XD

TFoH Reread - Chapter 51


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Yes!! Asmo is watching Rand veeeery closely!! And I agree it’s pretty much in the vein of self-preservation, even if it IS in a semi-productive “help me help you help me” way :P And it always strikes me as interesting how he’s just SO GOOD AT IT. Is he just a natural at reading moods and redirecting people’s anger before it get’s volatile, orrrrrrr………was it a learned habit? But yeah, that’s the angsty route, as usual, and as we really don’t have much on his backstory, anything goes!

The Shadow Rising: Finished!


I don’t even want to think about how far behind I am — I didn’t just finish the book now, though; I just haven’t got around to writing the report until now. But considering we should be done with TFoH by now… yeah I’m still behind. I’ll probably just skip New Spring, then. Not terribly fond of that book, anyway.

But! To the point.

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Yeah, Asmodean feeling resigned to his fate and losing all sense of life is always so painful to read :( I think it hurts even more because of the build-up, though. He tends to get his hopes up SO HIGH that when he falls he falls really hard, flat on his face, and then he’s just too tired to get up and try again anymore. And that’s so hard to read because you know that that’s exactly his relationship with his music too; he finds a new sound, creates something that he’s really proud of and thinks is his master piece, then the public’s reception of it is kind of like “meh” and he feels like he’s a “failed composer” and feels like he’s doomed to compose “crowd pleasing” pieces because “that’s all he’s ever good for”. Okay, I’m an angst whore too, apparently :P
About your question of why he was aiming for such a “doom an gloom” approach when talking to Rand, I always thought it was because he and Lanfear were trying to recruit Rand over to their agenda, and Asmo thought that if he made Rand’s current mission sound REALLY SUCKY, Rand would have enough sense in him to abandon his cause. Which is why Asmo ended up so frustrated with hearing “I will do what I must”, because why in the world would anyone choose a painful, agonizing death and a no-win situation!?? It just made no logical sense to him XD

The Fires of Heaven: Prologue & ch. 1 - 7


In this book: all of the Asmodean.

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Everything in this is a goldmine for ideas! And yes! The discordant plunk! Absolutely adore Asmo’s background reactions~


"May the Light illumine and protect you. You will do well.

It was signed simply “Moiraine.” She had almost never used her House name.

He reread the second last paragraph again closely. Somehow she had known who Asmodean was. It had to be that. Known that one of the Forsaken was right there in front of her, and never blinked once. She had known why, too, if he read it right. He would have thought in a letter that would go blank when he set it down, she could have come right out and said what she meant. Not just concerning Asmodean. About how she had learned what she had in Rhuidean - something to do with Wise Ones, or he missed his guess, and as much chance of finding out more from the letter as from them-about Aes Sedai - was there a reason she mentioned Verin? And why Alviarin instead of Elaida? - even about Thom and Lan. For some reason he did not think she had left a letter for Lan; the Warder was not the only one who believed in clean wounds. He almost took Thom’s letter out and opened it, but she might have warded it the same way she had his. Aes Sedai and Cairhienin, she had wrapped herself in mystery and manipulation to the end. To the end.

That was what he was trying to avoid with all this blather about her keeping secrets. She had known what would happen and come as bravely as any Aiel. Come to her death knowing it waited."

The Fires of Heaven (chapter 53, “Fading Words”)

Just finished this book. Sigh. And Asmodean…. Cries a little.

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Moiraine was so cool here!! And this whole book was so touching with how she and Rand sort of formed a truce and came to truly respect eachother.
On another note, this part was always funny to me because it confirmed that when Moiraine had dragged Asmodean out of his tent to help tend to the wounded (during the Shaido battle), she knew very well who and what he was, and was probably having so much fun making him do something that was actually helpful and productive XD It was just such an epic moment of trolling. Good on you, Moiraine!

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As said by IFL science

Cameron Drake of San Francisco has created a collection of magnificent images showing joints in motion. He was aided by orthopedic physician Dr. Noah Weiss and the finished product is completely amazing. If you’d like to know more about the project, please check out Drake’s blog.

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I would like to let Semirhage, Aginor and everyone else involved know that any attempts at raiding my liquor cabinet will result in dire consequences.

For the record, I was NOT involved in this.

Don’t be such a party pooper, Mordy; we all know you’ve got the good stuff.

I was against it from the beginning. I said we should steal from Demandred. In fact, you know what? I’ve just quit drinking.

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Photographer Sophie Gamand's new series Flower Power portrays pit bulls in a softer, dreamier light to highlight their sweet nature.


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Oh no, mehuric just got me thinking about his genderflipped version of WoT - everyone is the same characters, with the same traits, etc. but flipped.

Fem!Mat who cuddles up to all the men in the common room and enjoys a kiss and cuddle, and we’re never really sure who (or how many) she…

These are great! Especially since everyone would still fulfill their same destiny! Fem!General Mat would be so awesome, for example!
Oh yeah, and Masc!Faile being SO into Fem!Perrin’s ginormous blacksmith muscles :D And him being shorter than her because that would be such a cute couple!!
I imagine Fem!Asmodean to be this eccentric composer lady who has long, dark, wavy hair but also mostly wears pants and dresses like a refined gentleman, because if normal!Asmo is slightly more feminine in the gender spectrum, genderbent!Asmo would probably be slightly more masculine :P

So… does that mean we can expect some fanart of the Fem!Asmodean and friends? ;)

Yes you can XD I’ll try to post them when I get back and have access to a printer!